Servo Cable Assemblies

LUTZE has a long standing reputation as a manufacturer of factory automation cables such as LUTZE Superflex® Plus. This high performance flexing cable with Polyurethane jacket is available pre-assembled and designed to work with existing servo drive systems such as

  • Bosch Rexroth®,
  • Allen-Bradley® Standard 2090 and
  • Siemens® 6FX .

Furthermore, LUTZE offers servo cable assemblies for static applications as well as a new single cable solution where power and feedback is included in the same cable. This cable design is compatible with any system using the HIPERFACE DSL Interface and has been tested by the original interface system supplier.

LUTZE’s cable design provides outstanding mechanical and electrical performance in continuous motion applications and is optimally suited for use with various servo systems. LUTZE cable assemblies offer low cable capacitance values and small cable ODs. These features lead to better performance and increased up time.

*Bosch Rexroth®, Allen-Bradley® Standard 2090 and Siemens® 6FX . are  registered trademarks and have no affiliations with LUTZE.

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