Motor, VFD, Servo and Feedback Cables

Less downtime with LUTZE cables

LUTZE offers a variety of motor, servo and feedback cables to address the specific requirements of motor and VFD applications. The product range consists of flexible and high flexing cables for system specific as well as for universal applications. Advantageous features are improved electrical characteristics such as low capacitance and high impedance.

LUTZE offers a wide range of cables especially designed for motor supply applications. For further information on our DRIVEFLEX® VFD cables, please visit

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Standard Motor Cables

For any standard motor supply application where shielding is not required, we recommend the use of LUTZE SILFLEX® Tray-ER TPE, unshielded cables with PVC/Nylon insulation. These cables are available in sizes up to 4/0 and offer superior flexibility paired with ruggedness due to the premium TPE jacket.

For any direct, reversing or soft starter application, we recommend the use of LUTZE SILFLEX® M (C) MOTOR PVC, shielded cables with PVC/Nylon insulation. These cables offer the ability to be installed within and outside the cable tray thanks to the TC-ER and MTW ratings in accordance with NEC article 336.


For any motor supply application involving a Variable Frequency Drive, we recommend LUTZE DRIVEFLEX® cables with XLPE insulation. These cables have very low capacitance, high impedance and high voltage breakthrough resistance. This design is the superior choice for long cable runs with pulse width modulation (PWM) drives creating high voltage spikes. These cables are UL listed Flexible Motor Supply / Flexible VFD Servo Cable and TC-ER Power Tray cables.

For more information on DRIVEFLEX® VFD cables, please visit .

Linear and Mixed Motion

For any motor supply application involving light to moderate linear motion or torsional stress, we recommend LUTZE MOTIONFLEX® M (C) TPE with XLPE insulation. These shielded cables offer a rugged solution for installation in drag chains and in light duty robotic applications. These cables have been tested to surpass 5 million linear and 2 million torsional cycles.

For motor applications involving continuous linear motion, we recommend LUTZE SUPERFLEX® Plus M. These cables are made with an abrasion resistant PUR jacket specifically designed for the harsh physical conditions of constant linear motion and are rated for 20 million cycles.