High Flexing C-Track Cables

LUTZE SUPERFLEX® sets industry standards in longevity, reliability and flexibility.

LUTZE offers a variety of high flexing cables specifically designed for use in continuous motion applications such as drag chains. LUTZE SUPERFLEX® and LUTZE SUPERFLEX® Plus cables include high flexing control and motor supply cables, as well as electronic and network cables.

All LUTZE SUPERFLEX® cables are compatible with all major brand drag chains.

LUTZE SUPERFLEX® N is designed for moderate to higher performance flexing in short to medium length drag chains. LUTZE SUPERFLEX® N is offered with PVC or High Glide Insulation (TPE) insulation and with specially formulated PVC jacket.

LUTZE SUPERFLEX® Plus PUR is designed for high performance flexing or longer drag chains. LUTZE SUPERFLEX® Plus PUR contains high grade premium materials such as High Glide TPE insulation and PUR jackets for high performance applications in modern high-speed machine tools.

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LUTZE Superflex® Cables

LUTZE Superflex® cables are special high flexing cables which are manufactured for use in applications with extreme operating conditions, such as c-tracks (drag chains).

LUTZE Superflex® Cables
LUTZE has experience for over 35 years in the leading development and manufacture of high flexing cables for use in drag chains.

LUTZE Superflex® Cables for your specific Application

Choose one of the following options which best suits your application:

  1. Moderate Flexing and Short C-tracks
  2. Medium to High Performance in a broad Range of Applications
  3. High Performance Flexing and Long C-TracksWhen choosing high flexing cable, c-track dimensions and operating environment need to be taken into consideration.

LUTZE Superflex® cables require special handling techniques, different from standard control cables. To ensure the longest possible life span for your cable, it is crucial to follow installation procedures precisely.

Below you can find the cable installation manuals for downloading:

Superflex Manual 1

Superflex Manual 2