Control Cables

LUTZE offers a variety of control cables for industrial applications. Control applications vary widely and include machine tool wiring, machine and plant construction, I/O point connections, conveyor systems, assembly and production lines as well as many other industrial applications. Control cables are available in a variety of jacket types suitable for use in harsh industrial environments, and are available in shielded and unshielded constructions to meet the EMI noise mitigation requirements of every application.

LUTZE SILFLEX® multi-conductor control cables are ideal for flexible and stationary applications and designed for easy handling and installation.

LUTZE MOTIONFLEX® control cables provide a rugged solution for flexing and twisting applications including linear flexing, moderate robotic torsion, and stationary installations.

LUTZE SUPERFLEX® and LUTZE SUPERFLEX® Plus control cables offer reliable solutions for continuous motion applications such as drag chains.

Approvals and Certifications

The control cable portfolio includes cables with different international approvals including UL AWM, UL MTW, UL TC-ER, UL PLTC-ER, UL ITC-ER, VDE, CE and NFPA 79 cabling requirements. All LUTZE cables are RoHS compliant.

Download USA Cable Catalog

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