Cable Management

Take the worry out of cable installation with LUTZE cable fittings and installation accessories. LUTZE offers easy to install fittings with plastic and metal housings to make installation of LUTZE cable quick and easy. Our fittings have been designed and tested to provide strain relief at cable entry points, reducing strain on cables and making termination easier. We also offer fittings with integrated EMC shield termination for shielded cable types.

For applications where individual fittings are not required or are impractical, LUTZE offers innovative shield-termination and cable entry systems compatible with all major enclosure types. LUTZE EMC rail and grounding clamps provide easy, reliable shield termination and strain relief within enclosures and are the perfect solution for open-bottom cabinets. Applications with multiple cables passing through the enclosure can benefit from the LUTZE Cablefix Vario system. With an IP65 protection rating and multi-cable entry configurations from 2 up to 224 cables, Cablefix Vario from LUTZE offers a solution for every cabinet.

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