LUTZE AirBLOWER - improved thermal control

The LUTZE AirBLOWER eliminates the air layers in the control cabinet to create a more even climate. A control cabinet equipped with an AirSTREAM frame reduces the likelyhood of hotspots typically found inside the control cabinet.  Practical tests have demonstrated impressive results. The AirBLOWER makes it possible to reduce the mean temperature in the control cabinet by up to 10 degrees Kelvin.

Not only good for the climate inside the control cabinet

Operating the LUTZE AirBLOWER requires much less energy than an active cooling system in the control cabinet. In many applications, the AirBLOWER does not need to run constantly, as it can be activated only when needed.



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AirBLOWER fan bench

LÜTZE supplies the plug and play 24 V fan module on AirSTREAM web modules. Webs are available in lengths of 700, 900 and 1100 mm. Depending on the wiring concept, the AirSTREAM control cabinet fan comes in various installation variants. For instance, the maximum wiring space or wiring comfort can be optimised.

The AirBLOWER fan tray accessory can be retrofitted into an existing AirSTREAM frame with the mounting adapters.

Technical data:

Power supply24 V DC
Durability at 40°62500 h
Current consumptionapprox. 700mA
Temperature range-40 °C to +75 °C

AirBLOWER control unit

The control unit LCOS-AB-I controls the AirBLOWER module. This allows freely configurable operation of the fans.

Technical data:

Temperature range-25 °C to 70 °C
Protection classIP20
Power supply24 V
Connection for fan module24 V
LED status indicator
Communication via IO link
Configured via FDT/DTM

PT 100 element

Cable temperature sensor with PVC cable

Technical data:

SensorPt100 (DIN EN 60751)
Connection cable2 m PVC (2 x 0.25 mm²)