Control cabinet with LUTZE LSC

Save space, time and cost with LSC Wiring System

LUTZE LSC Wiring System consists of a modular frame that allows for simple mounting of control components including the wiring.  This innovative system can be installed into all conventional control cabinets.  Integrating the wiring management into the frame eliminates the need for wireway, as was traditionally the case, resulting in a highly compact system offering many advantages:

  • improved thermodynamics inside the cabinet
  • faster component control cabinet installation
  • maximized cabinet space utilization
  • convenient front access to wiring and components

During the design engineering stage LUTZE’s LSC team will design the best frame layout suited for each customer’s application.  Purchasing is simplified by designating a single part number for the entire frame assembly.  During the control cabinet LSC frame installation the prefabricated frame can be immediately populated, wired and then installed into the control cabinet, thus resulting in reduced installation time.

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Fast start and completion of assembly

The ready-to-use frames can be fitted into the control cabinet in a matter of no time. The wiring process can start significantly faster. It can be easily done by one person and all the work can be performed from the front of the cabinet. The result is added space in the control cabinet and uncomplicated retrofitting – to ensure zero-errors over the entire service life cycle!

Systematic service and support: construction, configuration and ordering made easy

Transparent visualisation and allocation as well as the LÜTZE service in matters of construction, configuration and ordering help you to tap into excellent utilisation and servicing potential of your control cabinet, making it an essential system component!

A multi-talent in the control cabinet for all applications

The LÜTZE wiring system can be used in a variety of industries, such as in automotive manufacturing, crane controls, shipbuilding, food industry, and in tunnel control systems, and even in packaging and machine tools.

Wherever safe, secure and flexible electrical planning and installation is essential, the LÜTZE LSC wiring system is the ideal solution in the control cabinet - for fast, reliable and sustainable solutions!