Control cabinet wiring

AirSTREAM wiring system offers a brand-new experience of wiring control cabinets. Why still use a traditional back panel when AirSTREAM wiring system offers convenient and easy access to wiring and populating of components from the front of the control cabinet? 

Make AirSTREAM the core piece of the control cabinet application

AirSTREAM wiring system represents the latest generation of the original LSC wiring system. The compact high strength aluminum frame provides a light weight state of the art wiring system which integrates the wiring management within the frame. Additional advantages of the AirSTREAM wiring system include:

  • Mounting rails are strong, however light weight, for improved stability
  • Convenient and compact installation of components
  • Innovative accessories, such as AirBLADES and AirBLOWER, for improved air circulation and thermal dynamics to avoid hot spots
  • A variety of wire combs to accommodate a wide range of cable diameters.
  • Streamlined part numbering

LUTZE AirSTREAM Wiring System promotes effective hot spot dissipation by keeping the ambient temperature at optimal level to avoid severe and costly consequences like decreased lifetime of components and possible machine downtime.

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