MOTIONFLEX® Control Cables for Flexing and Twisting Applications - LUTZE Inc
July 15, 2021

MOTIONFLEX® Control Cables for Flexing and Twisting Applications

Versatile control cables suitable for linear, torsional and free flexing as well as for cable tray applications

LUTZE Inc is introducing MOTIONFLEX® Control cables, an innovative new cabling solution for continuous motion applications in industrial automation. MOTIONFLEX® Control cables are specifically designed for versatility and are suitable for linear and torsional motion applications as well as use in cable trays.

LUTZE MOTIONFLEX® cables are versatile, with construction and approvals for both plant and machine level installation. MOTIONFLEX® Control cables are available in unshielded (A422 series) and shielded (A421 series) designs, from 18AWG to 10AWG with 2 to 12 conductors. Unshielded A422 cables have been tested to surpass 5 million linear cycles and 2 million torsional cycles at ±180°/m, shielded A421 cables achieve the same cycle ratings at ±120°/m.

MOTIONFLEX® Control cables are UL Listed Type TC-ER for use in cable trays. The sunlight and oil resistant TPE jacket ensures a long cable life even in the harshest industrial environments. These control cables expand LUTZE’s existing MOTIONFLEX® cable line of Ethernet and motor supply cables. More information including technical specifications can be found on

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