April 20, 2018

LUTZE launches a 2-Pair Cat5e Ethernet Cable

Designed to simplify field wiring and provide a high value solution for 100Mb/s Ethernet

LUTZE Launches 2-Pair Cat5e Ethernet Cable

Data transmission is critical for success in today’s manufacturing environment. LUTZE’s new flexible 2-Pair Cat5e AWM 600V Ethernet cable (#104197) is designed with foil and braid shielding to protect data from harmful interference and ensure uninterrupted data transmission and long term reliability.

This new cable adds a teal colored, 2-pair Cat5e offering to LUTZE’s product line to better serve the USA automation market. The 2-pair configuration is used in applications with high reliability requirements. Fewer conductors and smaller OD make field wiring with M12 and RJ45 connectors easy.

Thanks to AWM 600V rating, there is no need for internal wire separation in machinery and electrical panels. Thanks to PLTC listing the cable can go directly into the power limited section of cable tray. These features save material and labor costs for machine builders, panel shops, contractors, maintenance, etc. - anyone installing Ethernet cable in an industrial application.
• UL AWM 2570 600V external use allows for installation alongside 600V power cables in accordance with NFPA 79 and UL508A, Clause 29.5.1A
• UL listed Type CMG allows for installation in cable trays per NEC article 800
• UL listed Type PLTC allows for installation in cable trays per NEC article 725

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