Certificate of Quality Management System

In February 1995, the Quality Management System of Friedrich Lütze GmbH had been certified by DQS according to DIN EN ISO 9001 for the first time. The certification valid until today connects us with the commitment to take the way of permanent improvement in order to achieve optimal customer satisfaction. Various assessments with the distinction “A-supplier” confirm the correctness of this quality conscious attitude.

International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS)

LÜTZE Transportation was among the first companies in the world to comply with the demanding IRIS Standard in 2006. Since then the quality management system has been continuously developed in parallel with the IRIS Standard and already fulfills the requirements of the new ISO/TS22163:2017. 

ISO 14001 Certificate

Environmental Management System Certificate

Since May 2004, the Friedrich Lütze GmbH Environmental Management System had been certified by DQS according to DIN EN ISO 14001, too. With this step, the enterprise pursues that economy and ecology complete one another in a sensible way with regard to an ecologically sound and sustainable corporate management.

It is safe: certified LÜTZE air freight

Air freight is subject to increasingly strict safety regulations. This results in high costs and loss of time. Only for certified "known senders" does everything run smoothly - LÜTZE and its customers can now benefit.