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Friedrich Lutze Inc. Friedrich Lütze GmbH weltweit

Efficiency in Automation - A reflection of our company philosophy

As an experienced specialist in automation technology, with solutions for highly flexible cables, cable assemblies, interfaces, current control and cabinet wiring, we have had a focus on efficiency for many years.
LÜTZE defines Efficiency in Automation field as the use of sustainable products and solutions to further increase the performance of our products in our customers applications.
We realise this by using components for highly efficient control systems, products with above average life cycles and raising energy efficiency in control cabinets by means of the LSC wiring system.
Efficiency in Automation reflects our efforts in striving for efficient working relationships with our customers: in a medium sized family owned company we have short communcation channels and a high level of manufacturing competence.

Energy Efficiency is our Goal

The value of a product or a solution from LÜTZE is determined by its sustainable qualities. Every innovation will only be successful in the future if it has a long term positive effect. Therefore, we provide long lasting as well as highly efficient components.
We are incorporating the necessary knowledge and manufacturing competence in numerous joint projects with the objective of improving energy efficiency and sustainable technologies and industries. Thus LÜTZE creates value through efficiency. LÜTZE provides answers and demonstrates how to handle resources responsibly, with our environment and our future in mind. LÜTZE - Efficiency in Automation

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