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Absolute safety in a small space

The assembly system LTM-CI by STIWA Automation sets new standards in terms of high-performance automation of components in the small parts field.

STIWA Automation GmbH from Austria is a European leader in the product and high-performance automation field. The recently launched system for the assembly of small components breaks new grounds in terms of the fuse protection of 24VDC components.

Modular on all levels

The modular design of the assembly system is also reflected in the installation and
control technology. Each assembly module has all the necessary units in compact
drawer modules on board, from the PC- based control equipment, the drive equipment through to the signal processing. The limited space posed a special challenge.  The LOCC box by Lütze for electronic load monitoring satisfies all technical and space-related requirements in an unsurpassed manner.

Added value integrated into the system

"The technicians at STIWA were particularly impressed by the excellent properties of the LOCC-Box in terms of switching and protecting capacitive loads, which are found in almost all intelligent components (with intermediate circuits) nowadays," says Stefan Baier, Product Manager at STIWA Automation GmbH. "The smart design and the visualisation that uses simple and understandable codes via LEDs on the upper side of the box are important arguments in favour of this system." The LOCC-Box is an ideal
solution for the selection of fuses; the previously required oversizing of the 24VDC power supplies to ensure the provision of shutdown current for conventional circuit breakers in the event of an error, is now no longer necessary." Thanks to the precisely designed power supply units and the streamlined shape of the LOCC-Box, it was possible to save valuable space and costs.

The remote set/reset option can also be used to specifically operate the assembly system in an energy-saving mode during non-productive times such as shutdown, pause and maintenance. This means that, depending on requirements, only those components that are currently required are supplied with power.
A further point that contributes to "Efficiency in automation" is to establish a safe state before the fuse triggers. The LOCC-Box solves this to the optimum. The settable trigger characteristics and current strengths are a further advantage for the user.  In the past the assortment contained many types of fuses of varying strengths and characteristics; now, only one part needs to be kept on stock, namely the LOCC-Box. The parameters are set to the necessary rated currents via a control knob when the control cabinet is installed on site.

Development partnership for optimum solutions

STIWA has used the LOCC-Box for protecting 24VDC consumers in general assembly systems for the past few years. "However, the LTM-CI machine concept demanded new and expanded properties that were cleverly integrated into the LOCC-Box system thanks to Lütze's willingness to satisfy customer wishes," says Stefan Baier.


Picture 1: LTM-CI general machine loading side
The LTM-CI system by STIWA Automation GmbH sets news standards for the flexible assembly of small parts. The hardware modules can be pulled out for maintenance. The cycle times of less than 0.5 seconds can only be reached by means of servotechnical drives – in this case the LOCC-Box by LÜTZE offers optimum safety for the electrical consumers.

Picture 2: LTM-CI Hardware module
A processing module is completely controlled via standardised hardware modules in a withdrawable-unit design. Here, the LOCC-Box not only offers an optimum of safety, it also saves space.

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