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King Kong

KING KONG - even an alpha leader needs good connections!

Heavyweight Musical Gorilla in Australia equipped with LÜTZE cable assemblies and LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® PUR cables.

Cable car

Well connected

LÜTZE provides a special cabling concept for an innovative cable car in Ischgl

Eden Project

Life on Mars

Will mankind ever make it to the red planet? The Eden project is certainly the pioneer. Maybe LÜTZE cables will be able to play their part once again...

Particle detector

Nobel Prize for Physics in practice

LÜTZE develops an innovative cabling concept for the new, extremely low radiation 3D full body x-ray from the French manufacturer EOS


Electricity savings and more reliability thanks to LÜTZE energy reducers

Swiss mechanical engineering deals with thermal problems in hydraulic valves and manages to save plenty of electricity as well

LTM-CI Hardware module

Absolute safety in a small space

LOCC-Box - Reliable switching and protection of capacitive loads, compact design and perfectly suited network devices.The advantages gained by STIWA-Automation in Austria

USB Charger

Charge up your smartphone - even at 300 km/h!

At last there is a USB charger system for tablets and phones for driver’s of high speed trains, freight trains, city railways and undergrounds

Dosing and mixing systems lsc wiring

Efficient control cabinets

Thanks to the trunking-free LSC wiring system, the design of the control cabinets is now even more efficient and space-saving.

lots of gravel

The train that never stops

4 km of LÜTZE cable, 500 x M12 cable harnesses and 1000 x M12 feed through connectors ensure the failure-free installation of 1.5 km of track per day.

Conveyor line

Conveyor line deadline!

Thanks to the 'Plug-and-Play' solution that uses plug connectors and control lines, LÜTZE has been able to significantly reduce the installation time.

Bottle cleaning machine

Very clear benefits of LSC AirSTREAM

A beverage equipment manufacturer has profited from the compact size and installation ease as well as the special thermodynamic benefits of the LÜTZE wiring system.

Regiolis train

Distributed intelligence on board

The LÜTZE DIOLINE PLC compact controller enables decentralised and autonomous preprocessing of functions below the main control level – the latter is thus relieved and becomes more reliable.

A huge job for LSC

A huge job for LSC

Because it saves so much space and is so energy efficient in comparison to a mounting plate, the LSC wiring system by LÜTZE is the obvious choice, even in huge facilities.

Hard to reconcile: deep sea and operational safety

Hard to reconcile: deep sea and operational safety

The repair of a deep-sea hydraulic hammer on the deck of a ship is extremely costly. The LOCC Box by LÜTZE offers dependable protection of DC 24 V circuits up to 10 A.

The LOCC-Box gains specification from automotive paint plant!

The LOCC-Box gains specification from automotive paint plant!

Overcurrents or short circuits such as those caused by defective consumers, contamination or damaged cables must be detected in good time.

High-speed with LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® cable

High-speed with LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® cable

Powerful forces, accelerations and narrow bending radii, as well as heavily fluctuating temperatures and heavy exposure to dust, place maximum demands on the cables and lines made by LÜTZE.

LÜTZE CABLES take a dive

LÜTZE CABLES take a dive

LÜTZE is developing clever connection cables for asynchronous motors in aquaculture.

New Locomotives for China`s Cargo Railway

New Locomotives for China`s Cargo Railway - LÜTZE inside

LÜTZE supplies different pre-assembled and space-saving devices for the Chinese rail industry.

Aeroplane de-icing systems

LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® Plus, success story continues…

Thanks to the use of LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® Plus cables, the life span and reliability of the aeroplane de-icing systems has been improved tremendously. Following the SkyBLUE maxim of sustainability.

Think big: LÜTZE project for automobile manufacturers

Think big: LÜTZE project for automobile manufacturers

Four worldwide project locations, 10000 LOCC-Boxes and 1000 gateways - a truly big event

LÜTZE technology in dosing applications for the food industry

LÜTZE technology in dosing applications for the food industry

The LÜTZE LSC profiles guarantee an additional measure of freedom and flexibility in cabling - especially in case of customer changes at the last minute.

Södertälje lift bridge in sweden

A Bridge over troubled water...

Protection of the 24 V direct current groups through LOCC-Box electronic current monitoring from LÜTZE. In short, these components were ideal for the safe operation of the Södertälje lift bridge in sweden.

LSC - System im Einsatz

One for all

LÜTZE creates more free space for storage experts! Significant simplification leads to reduced installation time, reduced space with increased options.

LSC - wiring system in university hospitals

Emergency Room with LSC

No waiting, no accident!Where there's no room for error, LÜTZE are working on 100 percent solutions.

LÜTZE LSC-wiring system in

Great: Britain’s elevators and LSC

LÜTZE LSC system gives ILE a real lift!An enhanced and compact system gives ILE the ability to increase levels of manufacturing.


Fresh air in large halls

Big hall warming without global warming! Delivering sustainability and energy savings directly benefiting the customer.

Powersupply from LÜTZE

Metro Shanghai – LÜTZE is on board!

Safety, reliability, sustainability. Lütze's SkyBLUE is riding high underground in Shanghai! Shanghai citizen enjoy fast, convenient and ecologically transportation with LUETZE components working as trusted safe-guards.

Montagetafel durch LÜTZE LSC-Rahmen ersetzt

SPANGLER Benefits from the LSC Wiring System

SPANGLER is the specialist for developing automation solutions for different sectors and industries based throughout the world. The medium-sized family ...

Schöner verpackt mit LSC-System

Better packaged with LSC system

Future-proof packaging solutions for customers all over the world are realised by the special-purpose machine manufacturer KOCH Pac-Systeme.

Studer-Schleifanlagen mit LÜTZE SUPERFLEX®

Studer Grinding Systems with LÜTZE SUPERFLEX®

The systems are used for a wide variety of applications and the company meets the sophisticated demands of industrial customers including the Swiss watch-making industry...

Steuerleitungen von Lütze

Mission (im)possible

Cost reductions and shorter lead times: probably the two most talked about issues for any supplier in the manufacturing industry. No one wants to stock ...

Automation Tour 2011

Automation Tour 2011

Automation component solutions contine to expand rapidly with new products every year. However, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for end users to allocate time ...

LÜTZE Komponenten sorgen für eine exakte Dosierung

Caution - Slippery When Wet!

NOWE GmbH, a company of the "Faiveley Transport Group", delivers innovative and reliable sand scattering systems that are modular in construction and specially designed to customer requirements.

Längste Streckmaschine der Welt: Kabelkonfektionen und LOCC-Box

Get stretching!

The World's largest stretching machine for metal pipes equipped with installation technology and cable assemblies from LÜTZE…

Einsatz der Lütze Locc-Box in einer Sternwarte

A firm grip on the stars

Thanks to the LOCC Box power monitoring system from LÜTZE, the components for the global robot telescope network LCOGT are protected and monitored – before they blow a fuse!

LÜTZE Relais- und Übergabebausteinen

Innovative vehicle concepts with LÜTZE technology

BOMBARDIER MITRAC Hybrid Technology allows vehicles to be operated on both electrified and non-electrified track lines by using a standardised propulsion system that can use electricity as well as diesel power.

Große Platzersparnis im Schaltschrankbau mit LSC

Excellent Frame Concept with LSC

Every engineer's dream is to make machines and mobile equipment more compact. LÜTZE found a solution for a French mechanical engineering company – the start of a beautiful friendship.

Kühlung und Klimatisierung im Schaltschrank

Perfect Climate in the Automotive Industry?

The automation specialist Friedrich Lütze GmbH & Co. KG has committed itself to energy and cost-efficient air conditioning in automation technology ...

Lösch- und Rettungszüge mit LÜTZE-Steuerungstechnik

The helper in emergencies - Windhoff's new firefighting and rescue train

The number of railway tunnels is rising worldwide. The SBB's tracks pass through more than 250 tunnels. The risk of potential accidents is always present. An incident in a tunnel can have devastating consequences.

VW Werkes in Chattanooga mit LSC-Verdrahtungssysteme ausgestattet

Choo Choo for Chattanooga...

LÜTZE’s LSC Wiring System is part of VW’s global equipment specification, and therefore included in VW’s new plant currently being built in Chattanooga, TN.

Straßenbau dank Interfacetechnik von LÜTZE

Heavyweights and LÜTZE power supplies

INGENIA SISTEMS develops electrical solutions for the automation of hydraulic systems, in particular in bridge construction when systems with lifting and shearing forces are required.

Tunnelsicherheit und effiziente Schaltschrank

LSC in the Road Tunnel

Under the banner "Tunnel Safety and Efficient Switching Systems in Tunnel Technology", a specialist event, with representatives of public bodies, planning offices and building companies took place ...

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