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Controlled safely: Sensor actuator in the automation technology

The field of wireless sensor actuator networks is presently experiencing a major boom. Whether only in automation or in other fields, these networks are always composed of numerous sensor or actuator nodes. Using these, diverse observations and influences resulting therefrom can be dealt with. Every node is equipped with sensors or actuators, microcontrollers and communication components, to capture values, transfer them and also to react thereupon according to target goals. The mostly numerous wireless nodes must also function under unfavorable conditions. Here LUTZE supports you with sensor actuator components, on which you can rely upon!

Straightforward and more: sensor actuator interfaces

LUTZE initiates sensor actuator interfaces of 24 to 60 mm, also pluggable, provides you with cables in all variations - whether only M8 to M12 having open cable ends or as field BUS cables - and provides straight, angled, straight shielded plug connections, as panel connector with stranded wire, USB panel connector or RJ45 panel connector - only to name a few! LED power indicators and connected PUR-cable make some products from the LÜTZE sensor actuator line even suitable for drag chains. Likewise you can partially self-assemble. LUTZE - Your partner for sensor actuator networks!

LÜTZE sets industry standards: customer-focused. reliable. leading.

Wired (and without): Sensor-actuator networks. Whether you want like to implement wire-bound or wireless sensor-actuator networks, depends on your requirement and the ambient conditions. For all implementation cases LÜTZE is ready with the right components - for you we are always wired (and also wireless)!

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