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LOCC-Box - Electronic Control Circuit Protection System

LÜTZE LOCC-Box provides reliable load monitoring and protection in 24V DC control circuits. Innovative features include adjustable trip current range (1-10A), adjustable characteristics (fast, med, slow 1, slow 2 and slow 3), output alarm signal at 90% of the load setting, remote reset and remote on/off functions. In addition to factory floor applications, LOCC-Box serves very well in remote locations and other hard to access applications. Narrow construction ensures compact design even with multi-channel configurations. No derating required as LOCC-Box functions independently of ambient temperature.

Additional features such as Gateway communication capabilities for remote monitoring and analysis are possible with the LÜTZE LOCC-Box Net. Optional LOCC-Pads software offers the possibility for custom parameter setting, analysis and diagnostics. These are just some of the intelligent features of the LÜTZE LOCC-box. We invite you to learn more:

  • 24V DC control voltage protection
  • Adjustable current range (1-10A)
  • Adjustable characteristics: fast, medium, slow 1, slow 2, slow 3
  • Output alarm signal at 90% of the load setting
  • Output trip alarm
  • LED status indicator on/off/alarm
  • Remote reset
  • Remote on/off
  • Ideal for remote locations
  • Independent of ambient temperature, no derating required
  • Single and multi-channel options
  • Narrow housing, only 8.1 mm in width
  • Din rail mountable
  • Gateway communication via Profinet IO, Profibus DP, EtherCAT, CANopen or RS232 for remote monitoring (optional)
  • Input supply terminal with busbar capabilities (optional)

LUTZE LOCC-Box – when conventional circuit breakers and fuses are not reliable enough! Safety first!

If factory uptime is important, then let the LOCC-Box monitor and protect the control circuits to minimize manufacturing downtime and keep the equipment running.  With the real time output status indicators, you are able to remotely and proactively monitor devices to ensure reliable operation on the plant floor.  By implementing the LOCC-Box, you can reduce your service and maintenance costs - and at the same time increase operational reliability and plant safety.

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