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Simply indispensable: The function module

In itself it is quite unspectacular and yet: without the proper function module, nothing works at all in automation: At LUTZE you will find all the necessary components, from the simple electromechanical interface, LED-displays, diode and lamp-test modules, resistor or diode gates including fixtures for installing potentiometers, or interface modules for Sub-D and ribbon cables. At LUTZE small is beautiful!

Electrically isolated: optical coupler

Always there where electrical separation is a must, but where there may be no direct link between sender and receiver, but an electric signal should still be transmitted, an optical coupler is the solution. You decide yourself on the pros and cons, but when you do, you will find everything you need at LUTZE - we have the right function module for your ideas!

LÜTZE sets industry standards: innovative. practical. sorted.

Which function block?: An optical coupler (almost) always fits. Optical couplers are relatively easy to use. In addition, they offer the possibility of inverting the signal in transmission. Whether now with transistor output or triac output or... - Whatever you would like to implement with whatever function block: With a LÜTZE optical coupler you will (almost) always find new light!

LÜTZE relay modules
LÜTZE semiconductor modules
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