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Cabinet cooling with AirSTREAM system

The problem: Wherever current flows, heat is generated, and hotspots occur in every control cabinet.

The components used to design control cabinets are becoming more and more compact even though their switching capacity is increasing. This also means that the thermal loss rate is higher. Heat also builds up in the standard cable trunking. Hotspots are created. Standard climate control features in control cabinets are often not able to dissipate these hotspots. Cool air does not get to where it is needed. The consequences are frequent failures and machine downtimes.

LÜTZE's AirSTREAM wiring system offers a comprehensive solution for an homogenous climate inside the control cabinet.

The AirSTREAM solution for control cabinet cooling

AirTEMP is a simulation software that looks at the thermal situation inside the control cabinet. The online application enables an analysis of the heat build-up and distribution in the control cabinet more precisely than ever before! Using the AirSTREAM wiring system and its targeted air guidance options, the climate inside the control cabinet can be homogenised based on the calculated result.

The separation into an installation level and a wiring level means that the air can flow almost unhindered past modules and wires - removing dissipated heat quickly. The wiring and air guide elements are integrated into the AirSTREAM frame to ensure free convection and cooling of the wires. No crossing cable trunking interfere with circulation.

The LÜTZE AirSTREAM represents a comprehensive solution for a thermally optimised and very compact control cabinet design.

The AirBLOWER is a control cabinet fan for the LÜTZE AirSTREAM wiring system. The AirBLOWER is able to homogenise the climate inside the control cabinet very quickly and reliably. The use of an AirBLOWER and the associated AirBLADES ensures that hotspots inside the control cabinet are avoided reliably. Also, if an AirBLOWER is installed, any additional climate control units only need to be activated when necessary. The AirBLOWER and climate control units work hand-in-hand to ensure more efficiency inside the control cabinet.

Using the web-based control cabinet configurator for the AirSTREAM wiring system, the user can plan and order a complete wiring frame online in a few simple steps. The final file can be further processed in every CAD program. No additional software on the PC is required.

The air in the control cabinet should be able to circulate continuously to ensure an homogenous control cabinet climate. It is even more beneficial if the air can be directed to specific hotspots. This is exactly what AirSTREAM has been able to achieve for the first time in a control cabinet. The new AirSTREAM control cabinet system guides air flows precisely using AirBLADES.

LÜTZE supplies a highly innovative and integrated solution for efficient air conditioning in control cabinets comprising the AirSTREAM wiring system, the AirTEMP heat analysis software and the AirBLOWER control cabinet fan. Read the white paper 'Efficient control cabinet climate control' to find out how each of the elements of the AirSTREAM family help to boost the efficiency of your control system and also reduce system downtimes.

This video shows how hotspots are created inside control cabinets over a period. of time. Also, it is clear that the hotspots are dissipated very quickly when an AirBLOWER is used and the AirBLADES are positioned next to the hotspots.

LÜTZE's guide 'Energy-Efficient Control Cabinet Air Conditioning' informs the readers how to save up to 23 % of the energy costs for control cabinet air conditioning with simple means. This 80-page book not only contains theory-based information, but also invaluable practical tips.

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