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The new wiring system AirSTREAM at a glance

LÜTZE has already set standards for efficient control cabinet construction with its LSC system. The new wiring system AirSTREAM once again revolutionises the design, planning and assembly processes: more flexibility in terms of configuration and wiring, technical advantages in the operating behaviour and clear thermodynamic benefits. Your benefit: shorter construction times, more stable models and lower operating costs combined with a longer service life

AirStream is the core piece of the control cabinet

The high-strength aluminium frames of the AirSTREAM for state-of-the-art control cabinet installation and wiring are very compact because they integrate the wiring trunking into the frame itself. Similar to the original LSC system, the wiring in the AirSTREAM is installed comfortably from the front. Dispensing with cable trunking allows the compact installation of several components within narrow dimensional constraints. Also, cooling air always circulates the parts and reliably discharges generated heat.

Simplified planning thanks to the new AirSTREAM online configurator

Simplify your planning work and streamline your processing and configuration times: No need for detailed cabinet designs, you can simply configure the frame design online in the new AirSTREAM configurator. LÜTZE automatically generates a quotation. The provision of the finished frame by LÜTZE also allows you to start wiring immediately, thereby shortening your assembly time.

AirSTREAM is modular, this saves time, space and nerves

The AirSTREAM wiring system is highly modular, which makes it very flexible: selected, pre-assembled modules and individually configurable frames make your work easier.

This means even complex solutions can be found very quickly. LUTZE is on hand for any other customised solutions. Just call us.

Simple principle and space-saving assembly with AirSTREAM

All control components can be integrated into the wiring quickly and easily: no more cable trunking, single boreholes, time-consuming component positioning etc. - and all this in a smaller control cabinet in which the space has been used to the optimum.

Even temperature distribution in the control cabinet - secure prevention of hotspots, higher sustainability

AirSTREAM has excellent thermodynamic properties and therefore helps to reduce CO2emissions. Also, AirSTREAM improves the life span of the components by avoiding hotspots in the control cabinet - a continuous air current securely prevents thermal nests.

AirSTREAM sets new standards in the control cabinet construction field

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6p6y6q_mEs LSC AirSTREAM Online Configurator
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJwAtsi4GuA LÜTZE LSC AirSTREAM - Space savings
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5X-PmqYNZLo LSC AirSTREAM Energy Efficiency in Cabinet
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQLLzqrWoAA LSC Extreme - modular, easy, strong - The new LSC AirSTREAM
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