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Industrial Ethernet: Infrastructure solutions from a single source

LUTZE not only supplies suitable cables, component mounting technology and components such as switches and media converters for your professional network-infrastructure, LUTZE also supports you in the planning and realisation of hierarchical industrial networks: Industrial Ethernet by LUTZE means, that you can get started right away without configuration, just plug & play.

Quality makes it easy: Ethernet connectivity in the industrial environment

The correct selection of suitable devices and materials is a significant factor for reliability and quality of the network in use as an industrial system. For us this means that in addition to meeting all IEEE standards and high EMC compliance, we also use aluminium housings as standard with and operating temperatures between - 40 deg. C to + 75 deg C. Thereby you can route even the most complex requirement to an open, stable and transparent system solution. Reliable and accurate data transfer included!

Transfer request completely fulfilled: Industrial ethernet with guaranteed success.

Very high network availability, small data packets and timely transfer are critical requirements for Industrial Ethernet. This is achieved in the simplest case by load sharing via switches. The bandwidth of another sub-network is not influenced and by means of load sharing with LÜTZE switches the full bandwidth is available to every segment. LUTZE advises you explicitly on the optimal topology of your Industrial Ethernet structure - for high speed, bandwidth and concurrency!

LÜTZE sets industry standards: safe, efficient, strong.

Industrial Ethernet tailored to your requirements. LÜTZE has years of experience in planning and implementing industrial networks, and consequently we are well aware of the rigorous requirements imposed on efficient manufacturing systems. We support you in effectively and profitably planning, installing and administering: At LÜTZE you always get customer-specific Industrial Ethernet solutions that also offer full performance in harsh environments and under the most difficult conditions!

LÜTZE industrial Ethernet
LÜTZE industrial Ethernet
LÜTZE industrial Ethernet
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