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Good connections: Plug connector for all applications

There are s many connector options, it is a difficult field of electrical engineering Whether fitting plugs or sockets, - the connection and disconnection of electrical contacts requires much more knowledge than simply knowing about the male and female ends. LUTZE offers you a comprehensive assortment of all common and unusual plug connectors in the following areas:

  • Suppressor for Switching Gear
  • Suppressors for valves
  • Valve Suppressors - special function
  • Valve Suppressors
  • Motor suppression
  • Components with special function

And we also know, what actually fits to what, and which connections are not recommended: LUTZE provides for trouble-free relations in motors, valves and switching gear suppressors

Plug connector for protective suppression

If you deal with electromagnetic compatibility, then you cannot avoid the field of overvoltage protection at the respective contactors or inductances: LUTZE is a specialist in the field for general purposes as well as for suppression adapted to the type of contactor. LUTZE product lines offer you protective suppression suited to nominal voltages of 12 V to 400 V and holding capacities up to 200 VA - with LUTZE, EMC-protection is a breeze!

Plug connector for valve suppressors

Ideal EMC-protection is guaranteed, if the overvoltage protection is applied as close as possible to the valve. For this, LUTZE supplies valve connector and adapter with integrated protection device. You have the choice: preassembled or for self-assembly, fits in every case to all standard forms of construction and even as junior timer and Deutsch connector. LUTZE - your specialist for suppression technology!

Connector plug in motor suppression

To prevent voltage spikes during motor shutdown, LUTZE offers the correct motor suppression for motors up to 300 kW, voltages to 575 V and nominal frequencies of 50-60 Hz or for use on frequency converters at 10 to 400 Hz. LUTZE supplies you with different housing variants, which enable direct installation into the motor terminal board or the switch cabinet. LUTZE is very ingenious, if it helps the motor!

Correctly adjusted: connector plug for the switch-on delay

A switch-on delay is easily performed via contactors. LUTZE components offer you in turn a potentiometer setting range of 0.5 - 20 s. The range of use for AC/DC voltages is from 24 to 230 V - LUTZE gives you all you need in plug connector matters!

LÜTZE sets industry standards: direct. innovative. solution-oriented.

LÜTZE valve suppressors
LÜTZE suppressor for switched gear
LÜTZE motor suppression
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