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Why settle on good? Insist on using the best: LÜTZE industrial cable and cable accessories

LÜTZE designs and manufactures control products for factory automation and specializes in flexible industrial control and power cables such as LÜTZE Silflex®, LÜTZE Superflex®, and DRIVEFLEX® VFD cables.

Our comprehensive product range consists of industrial cables for both flexible/static as well as continuous flexing applications.

LÜTZE Flexible Cable and Wire Management for Industrial Automation:

  • Control cable
  • Electronic cable
  • Actuator Sensor cable
  • BUS and Network cable
  • Motor Supply, VFD, Servo and Feedback cable
  • Hook up wire
  • Metal and plastic fittings in NPT, PG and metric

LÜTZE sets industry standards: Organized. Tested. Suitable for the North American Market

Insist on quality: For cabling, only the best! LÜTZE sees itself as a practice-oriented company: close to you, our customers, and therefore close to your daily challenges! For that reason we also keep in stock all installation accessories and all tools, that allow everything to run well for you around the cable – of course, subjected to professional quality and hard practical tests LÜTZE wants you to work well!

LÜTZE cable fittings and accessories
Cable assembly
Mounting accessories and tools
Labelling systems
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