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Servo Cable Assemblies according to Allen-Bradley® Standard 2090

The LÜTZE servo cable assemblies for Rockwell® Automation systems are compatible with the Allen-Bradley® standard 2090.

The servomotor and feedback cables are specifically suited for industrial environments for use with drives, motors and encoders from Rockwell® Allen-Bradley®. As part of our customer service, LÜTZE offers custom configurations in 0.5 meter increments.

  • Available for static and continuous flexing applications
  • Fully compatible with respective Rockwell Allen-Bradley® systems
  • Easy crossing by Allen-Bradley® 2090 or Motor part numbers
  • Manufactured exactly like the Allen-Bradley® originals including conductor ends, exposed shield, shrink tubing, flying lead configuration, label positions and markings
  • Identical motor connectors, including tamper proof and SpeedTec options
  • Detailed packing insert contains exact pin out, measurement and installation information
  • Every assembly is tested for full functionality, conductivity, pin outs, and “hipot” voltage for electrical safety
  • 0.5m increments to suit each application: no need for extra cable lengths
  • Competitive lead times

Technical Cable benefits:

LÜTZE Silfex® static cable features:

  • semi-conductive layer for high voltage spikes, reducing likelihood of corona-effect
  • increased reliability and lifetime
  • superior EMC compliance with 85% optical coverage of flexible braid shield

LÜTZE Superflex® Plus continuous flexing cable features:

  • PP insulation with better electrical values and lower capacitance than PVC/Nylon
  • rugged PUR jacket delivers improved mechanical performance and long flex life
  • for the most demanding continuous flexing applications

Technical Connector benefits:

  • high protection class IP 66/67
  • designed for use in harsh industrial environments
  • integrated kink-protection system
  • 360° EMC shielding
  • tamperproof

Rockwell® and Allen-Bradley® are registered trademarks of Rockwell Automation Milwaukee, USA

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