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Friedrich Lutze Inc. Friedrich Lütze GmbH weltweit

LUTZE Inc Affiliations

LUTZE Inc is a proud member or a partner of a number of industrial trade associations as well as some professional groups and organizations. To learn more about each one, please click on their logo.

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Lutze, Inc., a member of the German-based LUETZE International Group, has purchased Data Guide Cable (DGC), a cable manufacturer in Gardner, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Cable + Connectivity


The most flexible drive cable in its class. Have you installed DRIVEFLEX® yet?Superior electrical characteristics to improve your drive application.

Cable + Connectivity

Cable Assemblies according to Allen-Bradley® Standard 2090

Now available for static and continuous flexing applications.


Fresh air in the control cabinet

The new AirBLOWER for a consistent control cabinet climate

Learning through playing

The electronic card game presents the significant technical differences in the field of industrial cables in an entertaining format.

Efficiency in Automation

Efficiency in Automation

As an experienced specialist, with solutions for cable, connectivity, cabinet and control, we have had a focus on efficiency for many years.

SkyBLUE - Sustainable answers and solutions from LÜTZE

SkyBLUE - Sustainable answers and solutions from LÜTZE

Thinking and planning ahead are reflected in the sustainable management and product policy - and from now in the SkyBLUE campaign.

Installation Technology
Cable + Connectivity

LÜTZE Cable Installation Solutions offer reliable flexible and continuous flexing cable and wire management solutions for factory automation.

Installation Technology
LSC System

LÜTZE LSC Wiring System optimizes utilization of cabinet space, provides improved thermodynamic benefits and installation time savings.

LSC System
Automation Technology

LÜTZE Automation Solutions provide highly innovative industrial control products for factory automation applications.

Automation Technology

Current control acc. to UL 2367

LÜTZE has expanded the 10A DC current control module LCOS-CC so that it now has the UL 508 and UL 2367 approvals, which means it satisfies the requirements necessary for use as a 'Supplementary Protection Device'.

Fresh air in the control cabinet.

LÜTZE have enhanced their successful AirSTREAM wiring system product family to include the new AirBLOWER.

LÜTZE expands its location in Weinstadt

Lütze Transportation GmbH moved into a new office in Weinstadt on 1.4.2016.

LÜTZE cables now in EPLAN.

LÜTZE will be making their cable portfolio, which contains 1,500 cables from the European and American cable programme, available in the EPLAN Data Portal.

DC UPS Battery Management System for the future

LÜTZE has expanded its power supply program to include DC UPS management systems and maintenance-free buffers.


Meet us


New heights in the Automation Technology field

Be it Cableways, Cruise Liners or King Kong: Lütze always focuses on the application and not the product. In this edition of the LÜTZE REPORT we show you more innovative examples of how we solve customised challenges with our technology.

Lütze-Report 36

Research and development are at LÜTZE

For over 50 years the LÜTZE Group has been developing and building electronic and electrical engineering solutions for the automation industry.  With a large number of pioneering achievements, LÜTZE is today one of the leading firms in the industry worldwide. Friedrich Lütze founded Lütze GmbH in Weinstadt near Stuttgart, Germany  in 1958. Since then, electronic and electrical components and system solutions for factory automation and high tech for rail engineering have been designed and produced there. With ground-breaking innovations and international patents, the company, still young at the time, was already calling attention to itself.

With the launch of the LSC wiring system for switch cabinet wiring in 1972, switch cabinet manufacturers could save up to 25% more space than the conventional layout.  In the early 1980s, LÜTZE was among the first suppliers in the world featuring high flexing cables. Since the founding of the firm over 50 years ago it has been the corporate philosophy to be among the leading suppliers in the automation industry featuring highly innovative products.  LÜTZE has been successful in investing considerably more in research and development than the industry average.

The company is constantly growing, in fact, during the last few years by over 50%. Subsidiaries have been established in France, Austria, Switzerland, the Great Britain, Spain, The Czech Republic and China. The North American headquarters are in Charlotte, North Carolina.

TransportationBahntechnik / Rail Technologie LÜTZE US

LÜTZE develops and delivers products for the extremely challenging field of rail technology. Numerous locomotives, railcars, and control cars around the world are able to operate safely thanks to LÜTZE know-how.

Cable + ConnectivityDRIVEFLEX®

DRIVEFLEX® - the best cable solution for VFD and Servo applications. All DRIVEFLEX® cables use a special formulation of cross linked polyethylene insulation (XLPE) providing excellent electrical characteristics while maintaining the utmost flexibility for a drive cable.

CabinetLSC: A clever solution against

Research with LSC cabinet systems shows that intelligent concepts for air circulation in the cabinet can reduce additional cooling significantly and thus can minimize the thermal stress to the components.

LSC: A clever solution against "hot spots" in cabinet
Please select product category
    • Control cables

      Flexible and highly flexible control cables with numbered or coloured cores for varied industrial applications.

      LÜTZE control cables are suited to machine and production systems, industrial air conditioning technology as well as conveyor systems and many other industrial applications.

    • Electronic cables

      Flexible and highly flexible electronic cables with colour-coded cores, unshielded, shielded and as twisted pair.

      LÜTZE ELECTRONIC cables are the optimum solution for industrial applications in automated manufacturing.

    • Actuator sensor cables

      Highly flexible actuator-sensor cables colour-coded in conformity with EN 60947-5-2 with black PUR jacket for industrial environments. These cables are suited to field wiring, as well as mechanical processing.

    • Bus and network cables

      Flexible and highly flexible BUS cables for data transfer in industrial BUS systems and networks.

      LÜTZE provides system-compatible bus and network cables for the most common systems worldwide and various industrial ETHERNET standards.

    • Motor, servo and feedback cables

      Flexible and highly flexible motor connection and energy supply cables as well as system-specific servo and feedback cables.

      Low-capacitance cables for an efficient power transfer.

    • Hook Up Wire

      Flexible and highly flexible electronic cables with colour-coded cores, unshielded, shielded and as twisted pair.

      LÜTZE ELECTRONIC cables are the optimum solution for industrial applications in automated manufacturing.

    • Actuator sensor interface

      Actuator-sensor boxes, cable and male in M8 and M12, configurable or with cable for industrial uses. Interfaces, and/or wall bushings for M8, M12, RJ45 and USB and solutions for field bus systems and ethernet applications.

    • Switching devices

      Coupling signals and switching loads of up to 250 V/16 A - LÜTZE offers products for various applications at -40 °C/+75 °C. Highlight: The microcompact devices with extremely narrow 6.2 mm width. Additional devices with spring terminals are available for applications with strong vibrations.

    • Signal converter

      Converts signals, records temperatures or limit values - LÜTZE signal converters perform a wide range of tasks. Operating range from -40/+75 °C thanks to hybrid technology with extremely low power loss. Functional electronics allow them to be used at heights. (wind power stations).

    • Power supplies

      LÜTZE delivers power supplies that can meet all standards - and with 50 % lower construction size and efficiency of >94 % in extended temperature range of -25 °C/ +75 °C. Including international approvals!

    • LOCC Box wiring protection

      The LOCC Box is an electronic overload and short-circuit protection system that meets the selective switch-off requirements at high line attenuation and integration into the existing communication level. In addition, capacitive loads can also be switched optimally. The system also saves errors to prevent a danger when the system is switched on again and enables an error diagnosis by hardware or via a gateway to CANopen, ProfiNet, Profibus DP or EtherCat.

    • LCOS CC wiring protection

      The LCOS CC (I) system is an electronic overload and short-circuit protection like the LOCC-Box system. All already known functions are advanced, like the selective switch-off function, high line attenuation and the fault memory etc..
      Available in 2channel and 2pole modules with a powerbus for the return circuit. The load can be connected directly to the device. Diagnostic is possible via LOCC-Pads or the fieldbus.

    • LCOS modular housing system

      LCOS is a modular housing system. It consists different single module components, like function carriers and casings, as well as different module for data communication and supply.The housing can be equipped with any electronic. The modular housing system is also compatible with the new load protection LCOS CC.

    • Industrial communication

      LÜTZE delivers switches and media converters for your network infrastructure - Plug & Play and without configuration. Uncrossed wiring also possible thanks to MDI/MDI-X function. Aluminium housing, -40 °C /+75 °C and fibre-optic cables delivered as standard!

    • Function modules

      Single, electromechanical interfaces, modules such as LED indicators, resistor or diode gates and potentiometer holders.

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